Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


Study on use of open access natural resources


(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies,
School of Cultural and Social Studies, Department of Comparative Studies)

Key words:

use of natural resources, fishing methods, folklore, forestry, Kumano region studies

The purpose of this study is to investigate how open access natural resources are used. Usually, natural resources like forest products and fishery products are placed under the control of the state, a public corporation, community and some private actor. But some open access natural resources, like wild grasses are not administered and anyone admitted to access to get these natural resources. To avid the overexploitation, the use of resources and the conservation of them should be well-balanced.

I chose Kozagawa-river in the south area of Kii-peninsula for this study, and cite over thirty example of fishing methods dividing into personal and communal type. The case of fishing in Kozagawa-river, resources of river belong to public and people used resources of river freely. However, people merely fought for resources. Because, river was almost used to convey timbers, it is not possible to be engaged in fisher. So, river fishes, shrimps and crabs are not recognized as resources of money income. This circumstance is not a general example. However, this case excludes the background of the use of open-access natural resources and contributes to the development of study of subsistence.