Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


The Role of the Manshū Nichinichi shimbun
in the Concession City of Dalian:

A Content Analysis of Coverage of the Dalian Lottery


(SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies),
School of Cultural and Social Studies,
Department of Japanese Studies)

Key words:

Manshū Nichinichi shimbun, Dalian, Liaodong shinpo, Dalian Shimbun, Kwantung Leased Territory, Dalian lottery

Manshū Nichinichi shimbun (Man Nichi, for short) was first issued on November 3, 1907, and became the largest circulated newspaper in Japanese in Northeast China, continuing to be published until 1945, the defeat of Japan. This newspaper, based in Dalian, reported on aspects and trends of both the Japanese communities and Chinese communities all over Northeast China. Furthermore, it contained much information which could not be obtained in Japan itself. Therefore, as an indispensable general picture of “Imperial Japan” and as an illustration of the actual state of the Northeast China community during this period, it is considered material of high historical value.

It is hard to construct an authentic history of modern Japan without treating its invasion, occupation, and colonization of the Asia-Pacific countries and regions. As a widely read Japanese newspaper in Northeast China at that time, Man Nichi not only contains facts that could not be perceived by the media of China, but also includes details which the Japanese domestic media were in no position to grasp. Moreover, if we consider the integrally preserved condition of Man Nichi, which is rarely seen among the extant periodicals of the period, I believe that by reexamining this newspaper we can excavate historical facts which have been neglected until today related to understanding the social conditions and trends of Japanese and Chinese communities in Northeast China.

This paper will take the newspaper’s coverage of the Dalian lottery problem, which has been completely ignored up to now, as a subject of study. By examining the pages of Man Nichi tracking stories about the lottery from its beginning in 1905 to its discontinuation in 1915, I intend to examine the following aspects: (1) What kind of editorials did Man Nichi publish in relation to the Dalian lottery? (2) What kind of role did Man Nichi perform in the development process of this lottery?