Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


About the ancestor-book of Ikeda-bon.
–Focusing on Hahakigi-chapter.–

Hidenori, OUCHI

(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, School of Cultural and Social Studies,
Department of Japanese Literature

Key words;

The Tale of Genji, Text, Ikeda-bon, Transcript, Ancester-book

I clarify the ancester-book of Ikeda-bon and Takagi-bon.

The name of “Aobyoshi-bon” is used generically of the following transcripts now. That is, it looks like the text of Oshima-bon, and the text of Kawachi-bon is a transcript with the text with the difference. The number of differences in “Aobyoshi-bon” has been counted up to now, and the attempt to measure the distance between transcripts has been repeated.

Only the problem counts the number of the difference and lection, and only a relative position each to transcribe is understood. Is not related, and Ikeda-bon can refer Oshima-bon in the system of ancester-book of Ikeda-bon as it is another system or the doubt.

In this text, the difference concerning a feature mark was paid to attention. As a result, it has same ancester-book, and it is Oyahon of Takagi-bon that the correction joined the text in some standards in both books on Ikeda-bon and Takagi-bon. The possibility of Takagi-bon that is the transcript book on Teika-bon is high. Therefore, there is a possibility that is the effect of Teika about the correction. In addition, there is a part where Oyahon of Myoyu-bon has been succeeded to to such a text and the correction. And, having faithfully succeeded to the text of common ancester-book of Ikeda-bon and Takagi-bon becomes Ikeda-bon.