Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


How an autograph was scattered and lost?


(Prof. of National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Key words;

Small Amida Sutra, Lotus Sutra, detached segment of Ryojin-hishou, ex-Emperor Goshirakawa, T’ien-T’ai monk Choken, Lady Tango, Buddhist homiletic script, Sutra mounted with Japanese character, Sutra with letter on verso

On this paper I prove one case study where in the past how an autograph was scattered and lost under Buddhistic dogmatic condition called contemplation in imposition and improper remarks.

The autograph of famous literary work “Ryojin-hishou” written by the ex-Emperor Goshirakawa had been kept in book-carriage in Rokujou imperial villa after his death.

Lady Tango who was La Favorita in the Goshirakawa’s later years to pray for his soul of the dead, took up with forcible obit preaching of T’ien-T’ai philosopher-monk Choken, made the ex-Emperor’s autograph into scrolls of the Lotus Stra in eight volumes by cutting and mounting letters from the manuscript verbatim ac literatim.

As a result the fame has outlasted his time and our time but we never find the manuscript of this work in the whole picture.