Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


《Ehon Taikouki》 and <The Works on Imjin Waeran War>

Kim, Shi Duck

(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, School of Cultural and Social Studies,
Department of Japanese Literature)

Key words;

Imjin Waeran(Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion to Korea), Ehon Taikouki, Liang Zhao Ping Rang Lu, Wu Bei Zhi, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Ki, Chosen Seibatuki, Jing Bi Rok, Seo Ae Seon Saeng Mun Jib, Taikouki, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Den

〈The Works on Imjin Waeran War(Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea, or Bunroku Keichou no Eki)〉which have been read in pre-modern Japan, are divided into three categories; the first,〈the short stories written by the Japanese in the early Edo period, and 《Taikouki》, the compilation of all of the works〉; the second,〈the works written during the Ming/Ching Dynasty in China and ones by the Japanese followers〉; the third,〈the works written during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and ones by the Japanese followers〉. This paper deals the relation between 《Ehon Taikouki》 and the works assumed to have an impact on it. The first category《Liang zhao ping rang lu(Ryouchou Heijouroku)》・《Wu Bei Zhi(Bubishi)》of China, and 《Toyotomi Hideyoshi Fu》《Chosen Seibatsuki》 of Japan) was used to form the plot of the articles of 《Ehon Taikouki》 on Imjin Waeran War, and to describe the Chinese. The second category(《Jing Bi Rok(Chouhiroku)》・《Seo Ae Seon Saeng Mun Jip(Seigai Sensei Bunshuu)》was used to describe Koreans. The contents of Korean works were based on the experience of Ryu Seong Ryong, the author of 《Jing Bi Rok》・《Seo Ae Seon Saeng Mun Jip》, and they represented the misery of the Korean. And some articles of 《Ehon Taikouki》on Imjin Waeran War got influenced from the third category. The articles dealed the events which had not been referred among the ones of China/Korea.

The article on Guandi (Gwan U, Kan U)or 〈the Miracle of Guandi〉in the volumn 7 of 《Ehon Taikouki》 , represents the feature of the influence from the works of China/Korea. 〈The Miracle of Guandi〉extracted the articles of Chinese/Korean works, which focused on the damage of Korea/China by Japanese troops, the fearful feelings of the Korean, the hatred to the Japanese. But The Miracle of Guandi〉of 《Ehon Taikouki》 colored them to appeal to the feelings of the Japanese, who were proud of Japanese military power. 《Ehon Taikouki》 was nevertheless for amusement, and the purpose of《Ehon Taikouki》was to cater to people, not to incite them. This was the originality of the articles of 《Ehon Taikouki》 on Imjin Waeran War, and the reason why the people in pre-modern Japan have welcomed 《Ehon Taikouki》 so much.